About VIE

VIE – Virtual presence in Higher Education Hybrid Learning Delivery aims to design and implement a highly interactive digital collaborative learning platform that will allow learners to actively work together in groups in real-time or asynchronously on jointly owned projects through a commonly owned digital workspace.”

VIE innovation lies in its mission to develop a learning collaborative service that will empower students in a pandemic age to brainstorm, share ideas, build on each otherโ€™s contribution, and synthesize innovative solutions in problem- and project-based learning contexts that simulate real life problem-solving experiences in the industry. 


Project VIE aims to fill in the need in the educational sector for high engagement virtual collaboration environments that foster real-time group work from a distance allowing students to concurrently work on joint projects through joint virtual working spaces that all team members may update concurrently for sharing and building on each other’s ideas in a manner that simulates face-to-face work on a common blackboard. The service will be a flexible digital enabler that will allow educators to adapt the ratio of on-line to face-to-face learning based on evolving educational needs.  More specifically, the collaboration service will allow students to cooperate from a distance on commonly owned projects in a manner that realistically simulates face-to-face communication.

The proposed service will encourage the sharing of ideas, the review and editing of ideas, building upon the ideas of others, and synthesizing a solution by combining blocks of ideas that address different elements and aspects of a proposed solution. These services will foster brainstorming and group work that contribute to the development of analytical and critical thinking, entrepreneurial mindsets, problem-solving capacity, and cooperation ability in diverse groups. In addition, the services will build project management skills by allowing students to prioritize ideas and to schedule the implementation of tasks with the objective of completing a project within desirable timelines.

The platform will further aim to make distance collaboration as close to face-to-face communication as possible by allowing students to recognize through avatars or similar tokens who in their group is contributing a specific idea or action and what their team members are active on. 

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