VIE Project Objectives

Project VIE aims to fill in the need in the educational sector for high engagement virtual collaboration environments that foster real-time group work from a distance allowing students to concurrently work on joint projects through joint virtual working spaces that

VIE Project Partners

The VIE project partners are Tallinn University (Estonia); University of Thessaly (Greece); University of Vigo (Spain); Tampere University (Finland); Virtual Campus (Portugal); Advanced technology systems (Romania). Project partners have been selected for collectively offering the expertise that the multidisciplinary VIE

VIE Project Kick-off meeting

On 22.03.2021 has been taken place the VIE project Kick-off meeting organised fully online by University of Tallinn, the coordinator of the project. The online meeting took place via Google meet from 11:00 (CET) to 14:00 (CET). Fifteen attendees representing

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