VIE Project Partners

The VIE project partners are Tallinn University (Estonia); University of Thessaly (Greece); University of Vigo (Spain); Tampere University (Finland); Virtual Campus (Portugal); Advanced technology systems (Romania).

Project partners have been selected for collectively offering the expertise that the multidisciplinary VIE project work plan requires for its implementation, which is the following:

ยท Design and development of web-based collaborative learning services that support a high degree of real-time interactivity of participants in learning.

ยท Design of flexible, intuitive, and effective learning user digital interfaces.

ยท Design of highly interactive educational activities that promote the development of problem-solving skills.

ยท Collective ability to deploy the proposed digital educational services in diverse educational, cultural, and economic environments in Europe.

In summary, the project partners have the technical expertise, technical support, and commitment to maintain the project outcomes, including reports and digital services as long as this is beneficial to the target higher education sector.

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